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The big hand first meets the little girl, greets and praises her friendly, the little girl can choose how to respond to him.

The big hand starts to tentatively touch, caress the little girl, and send her invitation to his area. The little girl can choose accept or refuse.

The big hand begins to reveal its purpose, and claim an excuse to the little girl to be honest with each other and form a small secret group.

Verbally lure and persuade the little girl after it is imprisoned by the big hand and committing violation.

The little girl finds no results after a series of struggles, begins to doubt herself, and forcibly convinces herself to fall in love with the aggressor to reduce pain.

The first line is gal game, in the form of developmental game levels, let the little girl and hand restore the scene through dialogue games to counter the infiltration of this unequal relationship. As the game progresses, the appearance of the hand decays, revealing the true evil of the criminals that they would show after achieving their goal.

This is a serious game design that focuses on revealing the seduction and deception of the adult perpetrator. I always pay a lot of attention and get angry to these crime things all over the world. The research shows that the proportion of children being sexually assaulted by acquaintances remains high. I try to find the correct artistic way to reveal these sinful facts from the perspective of gender, society and morality. Hence I design an app as a serious education game, let people acknowledge how perpetrator approach and abuse the underage.


Ping Mu

Chenghua Li



App Design(SwiftUI)




Game Design


Young Battle Rising Star Awards

Mobile Application Innovation Contest Second Prize

Bundled Games: The perpetrator borrowed the name of the Barbie, and deceived to let girl play the role of Barbie, binding their hand s and feet to commit molestation.

Melting ice cream: On the way home, the man bought an ice cream for the little girl. The little girl was happy, but in the car followed by molestation, the little girl did not dare to move. Ice cream melted on her thigh.

Reading poems: The man asked the little girl to read poems aloud to him. The weather was very cold. The man took a blanket to her. After reading it for a while, the man said he wanted to see the little girl reading poems topless.

Scaring swimming pool: The little girl and the man swim in the pool together. There are many people around, but when the man wipes the body of the little girl, he takes the opportunity to take advantage of the little girl in a place where other people can’t see it.

Three interaction ways

Gal game as first way that plots are adopt by real social case

Using metaphor to disguise the sexuality of perpetrator

Creating immersive ambience to make children easier to focus

Deceptive lamp: a man gives a little girl a lamp with various postures. After being lit, a huge shadow will be projected on the wall, subtly instilling sexual thoughts.

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Main Game Scenes

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