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In the near future (2030), as AI technology is rapidly advancing, human beings have developed mistrust and fear towards AI. An envisioned brand named FRED is taking responsibility to regain people’s trust towards AI and build intimate relationships. The exhibition features an imaginary press release "Friendship Manifesto" in an effort to break down four ways how future AI can benefit us. As shown in the Four motion posters, Artificial Intelligence can help humans explore outer space, make education three-dimensional, design your perfect AI lover and liberate human workers' labor.


Sandra Maxa

Hayelin Choi

Jason Gottlieb

Amelia von Wolffersdorff

Angad Medi

Sean Dong


Motion Graphic



3D Model



An Envisioned AI Brand



Core products of the chips and the main visual effects. In the future, each person will own a butler, different shape means different personality.

The posters shows four ways AI can benefit human — by exploring outer space, by making education three-dimensional, by designing the perfect lover and by liberating human workers from labor.

The infographic shows that why Ai won't take over the world from human, but instead give us more benefits and revolutionary update of work form and politic care.


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This motion graphic shows an imaginary press release which titled as “Friendship Manifesto”, showing the context of how AI think about the public opinion environment and the determination they want to be friends with us, how Ai defense for themselves.

Through creative branding, I believe I can deliver this concept more reliable and solid.

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