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Welcome to the intriguing realm of the Chinese underworld, a captivating narrative that explores what awaits us after death. Within this ancient and expansive legend, spanning over 3000 years, lies a meticulously crafted underworld system that closely mirrors the structure of the official feudal era. Brace yourself as you embark on a harrowing journey through eight terrifying levels, ultimately leading to the possibility of a new lease on life. Prepare to delve into a rich tapestry of folklore and mythology that has fascinated generations.


   Sandra Maxa

   Hayelin Choi

   Katie Mancher


   Motion Illustration


Netherworld Travel

Equinox flower means endless longing and desperate love;

Meng Po soup, once you drink, you forget all the things of this life;

Three life stone represent the previous life, the present life and the next life respectively;

The Ghost Pavilion is like mailbox, you can receive all the things that the live relative burned for you, money, house, clothes, etc.

The six paths of reincarnation will naturally enter different paths according to the cause and effect in life.

The six realms are divided into three good realms and three evil realms. The three good ways: the way of gods, the way of human beings, and the way of Asura;

the three evil ways: the way of hell, the way of hungry ghosts, and the way of animals.

Black and white impermanence general, who lead you down to the netherworld after you dead.

@2023 Twyla Wang. All rights Reserved.

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