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This project aims to against monopoly and call on everybody to be open-up and share. The capitalist copyright operation mode can no longer meet the requirements of the knowledge economy era. Especially with the rapid development of the Internet, the threshold for knowledge dissemination has been greatly lowered. But many knowledge-based companies are exactly doing the opposite things, they build up high walls. A large number of consumers’ money went to the companies instead of creators.


Through the dissemination of religious ideas and visual products, we call on everyone to open up and share. After reflecting on the drawbacks of intellectual property rights, Opensourceism, a religious brand, was founded.


   Motion Typography


   Motion Poster




   Mu Ping


   Hiiiiii Brand Brand Design Finalist

   Young Battle Brand Design Finalist


Four main visual identities

I utilize the powerful symbolism of water to represent the dissemination of knowledge in four distinct ways. Firstly, large-scale teacher lectures are depicted as cascading water, evoking a sense of abundance and impact. Secondly, the exchange of ideas among people is portrayed as ripples on the water's surface, symbolizing the sparks that arise from such interactions. Thirdly, the process of acquiring knowledge from various sources, such as the internet or magazines, is visualized as scattered fragments resembling collecting bubbles, highlighting the diverse nature of information. Lastly, deep self-reflection is represented by a swirling tornado, capturing the intensity and transformative nature of introspective thinking.

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